Business Rule Management System (BRMS)

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Define BRMS
Business Rule Management System is the software used to create, deploy and monitor the business rules.
It separates the business logic from the application logic.
It works like a service that can be consumed by the core application which could be developed in JAVA,DotNet or etc.

Define Business Rules
The business rule is nothing but the implementation of business policy.
It is simple if-else condition that can be understandable by all business users such as policy manager,business analyst and delivery manager.
The technical knowledge is not requirement to define the business logic.

Business Policy/Condition : If the customer age greater than 18 then the customer is eligible to apply for credit card
Business rule : if customerAge > 18 then
eligible to apply credit card
not eligible to apply credit card

Why we need BRMS
In the competitive business market,the business policy are dynamically changing day by day to better satisfies the customer needs.

Without BRMS
In general if any new change in business policy means the business analyst will bring the requirement to the development team.
Even if it is a very small change, the entire application need to be redeploy.
It has to pass through the complete SDLC life cycle for any new requirement.
For immediate business requirement also it takes long time.

Therefore this model is considered as very tedious task to maintain the business rules.

The BRMS software system separates application logic from the business logic.
Business rules can be defined by business user, so dependency on development team is considerably eliminated.
Define, test and deployment the changes are very easy and quick.
The person who have good knowledge about business operation is supposed to work on that. As a result logic would not go wrong.
It completely bypass the traditional SDLC life cycle.