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You can get the irnss app for androidDownload NAVIC App. You can see here for How can use navic?

Precisely its, NAVIC which means Navigation with Indian constellation.

So, finally we are self dependent in the system of Navigation. So far India is using US based GPS system.

It will offer accurate positional coverage within the Indian territory and roughly 1,500 km beyond India’s borders.

Civilian uses of Navic precise time-keeping, disaster management, fleet management, mapping and municipal tax assessment.

It would be deployed across India, either in preference to, or to complement the currently used popular American GPS. Besides, it will be more accurate and reliable than GPS.

Navic in reality, should have an accuracy of five to 10 metres, within India’s land borders and territorial waters.

Its a big boost for national security forces, would offer positional accuracy of an order that is currently not available.So far the GPS or Glonass don’t make their most highly accurate offerings available, except to their own security forces.

With the foreign navigation systems, there are no guarantees of uninterrupted services for even the public services, those systems could be shut down at will, sending users into crisis. Hence, Indians have a reliable system of their own now.

Navic availability would require few updates in current smartphones and then it will be available to all the Indian smartphone users.