Facebook App Drains 20% Of Android Battery Life check out here why?

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Facebook App Drains 20% Of Android Battery Life check out here why?

Facebook is one of most active used Android app in the world; the social media beast doesn’t have the best track record with its main app. A quick glance at the Google Play store reviews shows that the Facebook app has often been criticized for issues related to battery draining and general performance. Unfortunately, a problem seems to persist to this day, writer Russell Holly and several Reddit users who recently claimed that Android apps load 15% better and faster on the device which doesn’t have the Facebook app and Messenger installed on it, so Tech world Zone decided to start to investigate on these claims. Offical Facebook app proved to be much bigger battery drain More specifically the Huawei Nexus 6P on which the Facebook app was installed the initial test was performed was drained 20% more quickly. These findings were based on average daily values calculated after a full week of testing. Tech world zone left facebook messenger installed on the Nexus 6p when making the switch to metal and also failed to identify a significant amount of battery consumption caused by the facebook app itself, the difference in battery draining levels was evident.

Android administrations which support certain applications were consuming significantly more battery with the Facebook app installed so uninstalling the official Facebook app from your device will not only speed up and also save 20% of your battery Security firm AVG analyzed over one million AVG Android users and measured several factors including battery life, data consumption, and storage, Facebook topped the list of non-game apps that had the biggest impact on the device’s overall performance. this is mainly due to its constant background notification checks, which run when the app isn’t even in use.   Top Five Battery Drainers Hay Day, Puzzle and Dragons, Minecraft (pocket edition), andy Crush Saga, and Cookie Jam. Five Top Performance Draining Apps Facebook, Path, 9GAG Funny pics and Videos, Instagram, Spotify Music. Pre-installed apps from manufacturers are also partly to blame with Samsung named as one of the worst offenders. 62% of the time spent on Android tablets or smartphones is consumed by gaming.