How Pandu died in Mahabharata

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Maharaja Pandu left his kingdom in the command of his elder brother, the blind Dhritrashtra, who was then crowned as king of Hastinapura. When Pandu expressed to Kunti his despair at the prospect of dying childless, Kunti used the boons given to her by Sage Durvasa to bear three sons—Yudhishtira (by LordDharma), Bhima (by Lord Vayu), and Arjuna (by Lord Indra). Kunti also shared her boons with Madri, who boreNakula and Sahadeva, twins from the physicians to the gods, the Ashwini Kumara twins. Thus the five Pandavasof Pandu were born.

Death of Pandu

After 15 years of celibacy, when Kunti and his sons were away, Pandu suddenly became strongly attracted to his wife Madri. Due to the aforementioned curse by Rishi Kindama, he died after attempting to be intimate with her. Madri, out of repentance and grief, committed sati, burning herself alive on her husband’s funeral.