how to activate airtel gprs connection with latest gprs packs

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Hi AirTel customers,

The following steps will easily guide you to activate internet 3G connection with suitable plan.

Step 1

Just type 3G and send cashless SMS to 121 to activate 3G internet connection.

  •  It is nothing but, you are requesting your AirTtel service provider to give access for internet connection through your AirTel prepaid or postpaid connection.

Step 2
After one hour, your request will be granted.If  already activated, you will get SMS saying that already activated.Else they would send you the confirmation SMS.

Once the activation process is done successfully,you can choose any plan depends upon your usage.

Hope,the details will help you to easily select your suitable plan.

Price Validity Description
28 3 Days 100 MB
45 5 Days 180MB [3G]
101 21 Days 300 MB 3G
127 28 Days 1 GB 3G
255 28 Days 2GB [3G]
451 28 Days 4GB [3G]
751 28 Days Unlimited FUP, 6GB [3G]
855 28 Days Unlimited FUP, 7GB [3G]
955 28 Days Unlimited FUP, 8GB [3G]
1255 28 Days Unlimited FUP, 11GB [3G]
1298 60 Days 6GB
1505 30 Days 10GB [3G]
1555 28 Days Unlimited FUP, 14GB [3G]
2251 90 Days 12GB

Also,just send MRP GPRS to 51619 for available GPRS packs.They will provide the list of packages through SMS.If you have available balance,then you would choose the plan by just reply to that thread SMS.

Step 3

After you get into any GPRS plan,just check GPRS Balance by simply dial : *123*10#