How to Automatically accept all Android SDK licences?

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Encountered this with the alpha5 preview.

Jake Wharton pointed out to me that you can currently use

mkdir "$ANDROID_SDK/licenses" || true
echo -e "\n8933bad161af4178b1185d1a37fbf41ea5269c55" > "$ANDROID_SDK/licenses/android-sdk-license"
echo -e "\n84831b9409646a918e30573bab4c9c91346d8abd" > "$ANDROID_SDK/licenses/android-sdk-preview-license"

to recreate the current $ANDROID_HOME/license folder on you machine. This would have the same result as the process outlined in the link of the error msg (

The hashes are sha1s of the licence text, which I imagine will be periodically updated, so this code will only work for so long 🙂

And install it manually, but it is the gradle’s new feature purpose to do it.

I was surprised at first that this didnt work out of the box, even when I had accepted the licenses for the named components via the android tool, but it was pointed out to me its the SDK manager inside AS that creates the /licenses folder.

I guess that official tools would not want to skip this step for legal reasons.

Rereading the release notes it states

SDK auto-download: Gradle will attempt to download missing SDK packages that a project depends on.

Which does not mean it will work if you have not installed the android tools yet and have already accepted the latest license(s).

EDIT: Saying that, it still does not work on my test gubuntu box until I link the SDK up to AS. CI works fine though – not sure what the difference is