How to backup SMS and contacts data from a device with a broken screen?

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How to backup SMS and contacts data from a device with a broken screen? How to Recover Contacts from Android Phone with Broken Screen?How to Recover Contacts from Broken Android Phone?

All of the solutions above require USB Debugging to be on. If it is not and you are using Android 4.0 then you can press power and volume down buttons simultaneously to obtain screenshot. If USB is not connected it will be placed somewhere on the SD card (e.g. \Pictures\Screenshots). Then you can connect USB to see the screenshot, then disconnect, navigate further and so on till you navigate yourself to enabling USB Debugging.

When USB Debugging enabled it is all easy as pie.

  1. Provided you have SDK installed you can use ddms.bat from tools folder to get screenshots fast and convenient, adjusting any options you need and even installing apps.
  2. Classic way – adb
  3. I’ve found Moborobo to be very convenient way to make full backup

I understand this is very late and hardly helps OP, but I hope it helps someone else lurking here for the way to save data, like me.


These are located in




Edit: I couldn’t get adb pull working (requires root, can’t remember how to call adb pull with root) but I just opened adb shell and used cp as root to copy it to /sdcard.

Edit2: I found this thread and it looks like your directories might be different.