How to connect mongodb clients to local Meteor MongoDB

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Connect mongodb clients to local Meteor MongoDB

Ensure Meteor is running on localhost. Open a terminal window and run meteor command. It will start running on localhost:3000 if you have not changed to port. While it is running, open a separate terminal window and run meteor mongo command. This will open up a MongoDB shell and tell you what port it is connecting to This is normally 3001 as of version or 3002 if earlier. It will say something like Go to Robomongo (or your favorite mongodb client software) and create a new connection, making sure to change the connection address to localhost and the given the port number. No need to additionally define /meteor if your client does not insist on a default database. Also as pointed out in some drivers may need specific line endings, delimeters or other character flow. For example, ObjCMongoDB a C based driver wants the url to be with that extra / at the end, or it won’t work. So make sure you check the documentation for your driver/client. —————————— OR —————————————— From terminal run following command

meteor mongo -U

That will show you the local host IP address and in which port you application is running. Now run the Robomongo and configure as following two field as you got by running the previous command enter image description here