How to create a Hello World Application in an Android using Eclipse

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Step1:- First go to file > new > project Step2:- Then select android folder and click on android application and click on next button Step3 :- Enter the project name as you want to give for example i give “myfirstapp” and click next.Step4 :- Select  the android platform and click next
Step5:- give the package name as com.androidblog.myfirstapp and click finish.Step6 :- now do double click on src file and open java activity file and write the codings as
it is shown in the below image.
Step7 :- now got to Run > Debug configuration
a) right click on android application and slect new , a new dialouge boix will open give the
b) Then select target and choose the avd, and click on apply and then click on close.( If u didn’t create the AVD then just go through our other artilce )
Step8 :- now go file and run as android application, your application will run.



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