How to create CRUD operations using AngularJS, Bootstrap, PHP and MongoDB

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CRUD operations in php using mongodb. CRUD function using angularjs, php, mongodb and bootstrap. Angular Crud operation with PHP,mongodb and Bootstrap. How to create CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations in AngularJS, Bootstrap, PHP and MongoDB. Live table add edit delete using angularjs in php mongodb. crud php mongodb bootstrap.   Angularjs CRUD Operations with Bootstrap,PHP and MongoDB.This is the simple application to learn how to create, read, update and delete operations using AngularJS,PHP,MongoDB and Bootstrap.You can learn how to connect mongodb with php and angularjs.

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Steps needs to follow:

Download and install mongodb and run it’s server.

You need to Create a Database in Mongodb use crudtest; Create and insert data into collection in Mongodb [Sample Record]

db.users.insert({“name”:”test”,”email”:””,”phone”:”987456321″,”created”:”2017-03-20 06:27:01″,”modified”:”2017-03-20 06:27:01″});




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