How to get or find closest entries in MongoDB

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There are three main things you must do.

  1. You must save your coordinates in in the [longitude, latitude] order. This is required by mongo as you can see in docs. So, your data must look like

    { “address”: “some_address”, “city”: “some_city”, “coordinates”: [ -84.361727, 32.214048 ] }

  2. Once you have your data properly set, you must create a 2dsphere index in order to work with geoNear.

    db.collection.createIndex({coordinates: “2dsphere”})

  3. Then you must fix your query. Here need to pass a $nearSphere with geometry properties, that is where you put your coordinates in the order we said before [longitude, latitude]

    db.collection.find({ coordinates: { $nearSphere: { $geometry: { type: “Point”, coordinates: [ -84.361727 , 32.214048 ] }, $maxDistance: 100 } } })