How to get relief from back pain

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Backbone or spinal bone is the basement for human body .Like buildings are constructed by bricks, human backbones are by discs, namely C3, C4, L3, L4, and etc..If disc budge or disc relocate upon any one of them that will severely impact on  rest of the body system.Now a days it commonly seen among all age group , especially with IT professionals due to various reasons such as unbalanced diet,stress,inadequate sleep,lack of taking physical activity and  injury and etc. If you are suffering from backpain , youwould always suppose feel depressed as you have any-time pain. Back pain could  transmit into neck pain,shoulder pain , finger numbness. Sometimes it leads to completely disable your mobilization.

In order to get rid of back pain, people seeking different kind of medical treatment, doctor’s suggestion, also spending lot of money. Eventually you will get know the truth, even if you take prescribed tablets that will not much enough to get relief from back pain. Body without desired movement seems to be half-dead.As a result, you end up with started living with back pain .

However it is not hopeless; the best solution is to keep you back bone straight ,where ever you are,whatever you are doing.Remember,you can easily be get relief from back pain without medicine or surgery as long as you will comfort your disc  as far as you can. To do so, you should aware of some techniques



lifting any heavy object
Climbing Mountain or long stair cases
Prolonged sitting
Big pillow
Forward bending
Cycling or bike drive
Bad posture especially when sitting and sleeping
Travelling on uneven road
Smoking and drinking liquors


Positive thoughts
Maintain right weight
Yoga and Stretching exercises
Sit straight and sleep with good posture
Stand and stretch every after 30 mints When you suppose to sit for long time
While sleeping use small pillow or folded bed sheet or towel , neck pillow also preferable .
Healthy diet
Putting Ice cube over where you feel pain
Hot/Heat water treatment

Kill your disease before it kills you. No matter how fair, wealthy, and how clever you are, nothing will cure you pain unless and until you will acutely taking care of yourself .Your health is your responsibility.