How to Recover all data from Moto X from broken display

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How to Recover all data from Moto X from broken display?

Moto X (Lollipop 5.1) whose display is broken. I have some files and photos in it which are very important. Unfortunately, I didn’t use Dropbox or Google Drive to backup my content. I tried the following ways to recover the data but with no help.

Most if not all Android phones will connect via USB cable to a computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) as a mass storage device or media device; either should let you use your computer’s file manager to copy the files from the device to the computer’s storage.

The device needs to be powered up to do this, but you don’t (in my experience) need to make any settings changes in the device, so it shouldn’t matter that the display is destroyed — that is, if it works well enough to ring, you should be able to access and copy your files.

If the device won’t mount as mass storage or media on a USB cable, you may still be able to recover files if they’re stored on an SD card — you’ll just need to power down the phone and pull the SD card, then insert it in a compatible reader connected to your computer.


I would install AirDroid or something similar via the Google Play website, you can select which device you want to install on.

Alternatively, I would connect it to a PC, copy everything and if there’s still something missing I would connect it to a new Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and use that phones transfer features,