How to use NAVIC (Indian navigation system) through my smartphone?

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First of all Many thanks and congratulations to ISRO for doing this wonderful Job & making whole country Proud. On 28 April 2016, the final Satellite of IRNSS Constellation(IRNSS-1G) was successfully placed in orbit. And this system was given an operational name of NAVIC.

However to this date i.e. May 3, 2016 this is not operational. As the final satellite needs some time to adjust its data wrt to other satellites of constellation. I recently saw an interview of A.S. Kiran Kumar Sir discussing about time period by which we as a common man would take benefits of our own Navigation system. I have shared this video below.

So, basically devices equipped with GPS or GLONASS will not be able to receive information from IRNSS satellites, as they all operate in different frequencies. A different kind of receivers needs to be made which can capture signals sent by IRNSS satellites. In the video, Mr A.S. Kiran Kumar encourages Entrepreneurs to take this job so that, citizens can use NAVIC services asap.

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So in short, All satellites are up, they need some time, further some more additional hardware needs to be developed so that these hardware can be installed in our Handsets or other devices. So, we need to wait atleast few months( or may be a year) to finally get NAVIC working on our hands.



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