Liferay 6.1 installation steps on Jboss

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Liferay Version : 6.1 (6.1 GA2) / July 31, 2012;

What is Liferay Portal?

  • web application
  • Liferay Portal is a JSR-168/JSR-286 compliant portal

What is the Liferay bundle?

  • The Liferay Bundle is Liferay Portal pre-deployed and pre-configured on an application server.
  • You simply download, unpack, and run.
  • No configuration necessary, other than having Java runtime installed on your machine
  • It comes in many different varieties.
  • most common is the Tomcat bundle
  • As of Liferay 5.1.1, these are the bundles available
  1. Geronimo+Tomcat
  2. Glassfish 3
  3. JBoss+Jetty
  4. JBoss+Tomcat
  • You can use the bundle as a starting point, and can deploy onto the bundle with code that you have.
  • You can also use fresh copies of app servers or servlet containers and install Liferay onto it
  • but you need to do some extra steps before doing a deploy. You must install the Liferay Dependencies first

Liferay EXT Environment / Liferay EXT SDK

What is the EXT Environment?

  • The Liferay EXT Environment is where you would ideally make changes to the portal itself.
  • Why can’t we just make the changes to the portal source directly?” The answer is that you technically CAN, but if and when you have to upgrade, you will have a tough time sorting out what is out-of-the-box and what is customized. EXT Environment keeps things separate
  • The EXT Environment has the portal source packed up within it, and gives you space for your custom code. When you deploy, everything gets packed up into one.

Development environment tutorial Link

Liferay portal begineers link

Liferay wiki link

Get life ray portal

Ant download


Additional files for liferay

Installation steps

C:\>set ANT_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\apache-ant-1.8.4

C:\>set JAVA_HOME= C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0
C:\>set PATH=%ANT_HOME%\bin;%JAVA_HOME%\bin
C:\>ant –version

C:\>java –version

liferay installation
liferay installation


Liferay with Jboss

Download the Liferay bundled with Jboss and extract using winzip to avoid any errors and place it in C drive

Jboss server administration

To start jboss  and open  liferay

C:\Program Files (x86)\Liferay\liferay-portal-6.1.1-ce-ga2\jboss-7.1.1\bin>standalone.bat

Running Liferay on Jboss
Running Liferay on Jboss
findstr error while running liferay on jboss
findstr error while running liferay on jboss

To resolve above error, copy the findstr file from C:\Windows\System32 to

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0\bin

Running Liferay on Jboss successfully
Running Liferay on Jboss successfully

After running the above command, the portal will open in browser

Liferay portal link   –  http://localhost:8080/

Liferay portal in browser
Liferay portal in browser

After accepting the conditions and assigning the username/password,liferay portal is successfully installed and can be used.

Other possible errors :

The following error may occur when we try to run jboss due to low memory size for running jvm

Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

In this case, run below command to assign memory

set "JAVA_OPTS=-Xms512m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

To stop jboss :

Run the following command in console to stop the jboss

C:\Program Files (x86)\Liferay\liferay-portal-6.1.1-ce-ga2\jboss-7.1.1\bin> –connect=:shutdown



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