Login Failed error message in SAP Webi Rich Client

Published on Author SK

Sometime when trying to login in to Webi Rich client, error message “Login Failed” as in the picture may come up and prevent you from logging into webi rich client. This can happen even if you enter the correct password. You can check your password by logging into Business Objects by other means.

login failed webi rich client

The reason for this is that the .LSI file has been corrupted. So you have to delete the file located in the path mentioned below for the CMS you are trying to login.

“%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Business Objects Documents\LocData\”

the file name will be something like this, VM00_6400.lsi

close the webi rich client from the system tray too before deleting this file. then the username should work fine.

Refer SAP note: 1249555 for more information about this issue.