Microsoft Hyper-V plugin for Hyperic

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Microsoft Hyper-V plugin for Hyperic
Hyper-V is Microsofts virtualization platform. Using Hyper-V users can virtualize and manage their OS instances. This solution Hyper-V plugin for VMware vRealize Hyperic provides the ability to monitor Hyper-V host and guest platforms and to visualize them in VMware vRealize Operations to provide a heterogenous monitoring experience. About Microsoft Hyper-V API .

  • Auto discover each and every VM running on Hyper-V
  • Monitor every metric,for all Hyper-V deployments in your organization
  • Control and optimize your Hyper-V deployment
By installing the Hyperic agent with the Hyper-V plugin on your Hyper-V host, you will gain insight into the performance and availability of your Hyper-V infrastructure. In addition any VM that is created on each of these hosts will be automatically discovered and monitored for performance availability as well. When you add the integration to vRealize Operations Manager you will get one pane of glass for your virtual infrastructure across different Hypervisors and physical devices, plus automatic correlation to your OS and apps.




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