Tatkal Booking Tips

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Tatkal tickets are always like a gold mine,  it’s not that easy when you need it at most.

Below tips will help you to book a tatkal ticket effectively.

  • Make sure that your computer clock shows exact same time of IRCTC server. If you have no permission to change your system time then please get the India time from below link    Current Time in India
  • Collect all the information in a notepad before you proceed tatkal booking.
  1.           IRCTC  User Credentials
  2.           From Station Code (Click here to get Station Codes)
  3.           To Station  Code
  4.           Passenger Details (  Name ,  Age ,  Identity Proof )
  5.           Payment Information (credit card /debit card /internet banking)

Every second during tatkal ticket booking is crucial.So this above information will make you ahead of so many people

  •  If you get “Service Unavailable” error. Try to search irtctc in google and click the link. This is due to the request is going from the Google server we have a huge chance of accessing website
  • While payment if you get  any error, please refresh only one time.Your data will be posted again and you will get a chance  to get successful payment.
  • Another alternative is an extremely handy tech tool called Autofill that can be used on Firefox as well as Chrome. Using the autofill add-on or extension, you need to visit IRCTC, say, about half an hour or so before the Tatkal bookings begin. Just go to the usual ticket booking page and fill in your details. Simply follow the booking procedure till you reach the payment gateway and then go no further.The add-ons will ensure that the browser remembers these details and you will not have to spend a lot of time typing them while booking the Tatkal ticket. Another tool you can use is the Magic Autofill. To use this tool, fill in all your details and click on “I’m feeling lucky”, a  “Magic Autofill” blue button will appear and you have to drag it into your bookmarks. While booking the Tatkal ticket, once you are done finalising the train and berth, click on the Magic autofill and it will do the rest and you can quickly proceed to payment.
  • Don’t try multiple browsers , since IRCTC is validating multiple logins
  • Be patient after every click.Never double click or refresh the page.These above  tips and tricks will definitely increase the chances of grabbing a confirmed ticket. Do share this with your dear ones to book a Tatkal ticket effectively.



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