Understanding File Permission

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Every files or folders in system having set of permissions ,that is commonly called as “File modes” .
That decides who can have what sort of rights against the files .

These permissions are

  • r means read
  • w means write
  • x means execute
  • 0(zero) means no rights

Users are

  • Owner – who is owner of the file
  • Group – which part is group the user belongs to
  • Others – third-party user/unknown user

file permission

Some commanly used permissions…

777 is the same as rwxrwxrwx
755 is the same as rwxr-xr-x
666 is the same as rw-rw-rw-

Permission table is very useful to set all sort permission.

Number  Read (R)  Write (W)  Execute (X)
0 No  No  No
1 No  No  Yes
2 No  Yes  No
3 No  Yes  Yes
4 Yes  No  No
5 Yes  No  Yes
6 Yes  Yes  No
7 Yes  Yes  Yes