Visa interview tips

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How to succeed in visa interview


1.   Wake up early in morning date of interview
2.   Take shower with cold water this opens your eyes and alerts you
3.   Shave properly. Do not leave beard or facial hair
4.   Comb your hair nice (get a haircut before the interview date)
5.   Brush your teeth.
6.   Wear good clothes suite and tie looks very professional
7.   Wear black shoes make sure they shiny polished
8.   Wear black socks and black belt


1.   Arrive at the embassy outside lineup 45 to 60 minutes before the interview
2.   Do not talk to people around in line they will only confuse you more
3.   Believe in yourself and be confident
4.   Do not think about negative things. Stay positive. Relax and concentrate on your breath


1.   Greet visa officer with big smile
2.   Shake hand with him if possible. Not very hard do not crush visa officer
3.   Ask visa officer how are you today?
4.   When visa officer tells you to take a seat then you sit down
5.   Look straight in visa officer eyes
6.   Do not look around left right up down
7.   Talk to him with nice voice. Not to low not to high
8.   Talk with confidence
9.   Sit up straight
10.  Ask visa officer kindly to repeat question again if you do not understand  first time


1.   Say thank you to visa officer
2.   Give visa officer big smile
3.   Shake hand with visa officer if possible
4.   Tell him it was nice to meet with you
5.   Push your chair back in its original place


1.   Do not chew gum in interview
2.   Do not stand up at any point during interview
3.   Do not chew your nails or bite your fingers
4.   Do not cross your legs sitting down
5.   Do not answer a question if you do not have an answer
6.   Do not answer a question you don’t understand meaning (your first language not English/French)
7.   Do not pretend you know all answers
8.   Do not keep nudging your head even when you don’t even know what visa officer is saying
9.   Do not move a lot
10. Never say WHAT? Say politely: pardon me sir or madam
11. Do not tell visa officer he/she has no right to ask this type of question
12. Do not yell at visa officer
13. Do not sound aggressive

We all come from many different cultures and societies. Each culture has different teachings and doings.

If you follow the points above you will be guaranteed successful or at least leave a very good remark and impress the visa officer.



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