Vodafone GPRS packs and short codes (*121*xx#) for Vodafone IN

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partially Updated Jan 05, 2014

Below are some GPRS pack short codes to activate them without the need to recharge with specific denomination with the retailer. The only thing to maintain is the balance for your mobile.

There are other methods for activating these short term GPRS packs, but this method is lot more easier and trouble free.

*121*05#    – 50 MB for 24 Hrs

*121*4#     – 20 MB for 24 Hrs

*121*14#     – 125 MB for 3 Days

*121*25#    – 200MB with 7 Days Validity

*121*49#    – 450MB with 15 Days Validity

*121*98#    – 1GB with 30 Days Validity

Start connecting to internet after getting confirmation message from the Vodafone.

Note: Validity will expire after the specified days at the same time when RC was done. (Unlike Airtel which expires at midnight)

The other methods include sending SMS to 144, RC with specific amount, using USSD and navigating through the menus. Using this *121*xx# the request is placed instantly and then you can start using after you get confirmation message from Vodafone.

Here is 3G packs from Vodafone, the below short codes can be used or a specified denomination recharge will do the activation of the 3G GPRS pack. This is a limited bandwidth plans, you can use 3G speed upto the usage allotted.

3G Vodafone Data packs
*121*124# – 1GB @ 3G for 4 weeks

*121*851# – 5GB @ 3G for 30 days

*121*1251# – 8GB @ 3G for 30 days

Related code using USSD to know the Data balance.

*111# > 2 ‘english’ > 6 ‘data plan’ > 2 ‘Usage Allowance’ – To get data usage information.



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