What are the best Kannada movies of all time?

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There is no particular order to this, either time or gradation. There are many more of course. These come up in my head now and all these are worth watching a number of times.

  1. Accident (1985 film)
  2. Ranganayaki (film) -1982 This movie showed the black side of glamour and fame.
  3. Lucia (2013 film) Brilliant story; actors & technicians who are are really passionate about their craft, and also the behind-the-scene story of how the movie was funded.
  4. Maanasa Sarovara The songs here are good too. ‘Vedanti heLidanu….’ and ‘Neene saakida giNi…’ are all time hits
  5. Amrutha Varshini Not an original script. It is a good watch nonetheless
  6. Simhada Mari Sainya  A children’s movie which introduced the adventure factor for people born in the 80s.
  7. Bettada Hoovu I’d say this is the best movie of Puneet Rajkumar (acting)
  8. Kaviratna Kalidasa The story, songs and lyrics, acting.. all
  9. Professor Huchuraya
  10. Bangarada Jinke
  11. Ondanondu Kaladalli
  12. Geetha (film)
  13. Minchina Ota (1980 film)
  14. Naayi Neralu
  15. America America (1995 film)
  16. Aasha kirana. This movie follows ‘america america’ in my head for the theme and the dream of america.
  17. Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige
  18. Tabarana Kathe
  19. Premaloka, Shanti Kranti, Ranadheera For showmanship and more so the lyrics of the songs written by Hamsalekha.
  20. Pallavi Anu Pallavi Maniratnam’s debut 🙂
  21. Vamsha Vriksha